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Christmas Parade

The Christmas Parade documents in PDF format are now available for download. Either use the downloads section of click on the following links.

2015 Christmas Parade Packet

2015 Parade Order Form

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Grooming Conformation Event
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Grooming / Conformation
The Newfoundland Club of Florida will host an all-day educational seminar on October 3, 2015 at the Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club 2101 Logan St, Clearwater, FL 33765. It will feature a Grooming session presented by Master Groomer Lulu Rodriguez as well as a seminar on "How to get started in Showing Dogs showing dogs in Conformation" presented by Kim and Jessica Chonko. Kim and Jessica have participated in conformation dog shows for over 20 years. Owner/handler/breeder of 18 Ch/GCH dogs. We will be sending out more information and forms the end of August. Last year was a huge success.

Look forward to seeing everyone there

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Honor a Founding Member
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Newsletter Information Request
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2015 Newfie and Friends Beach Day
Newfie and Friends all breeds welcome
9:00 - 2:00
General membership meeting 12:00 - 1:00
$5 entrance fee
Remember to bring water for you and your pups
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March Newsletter 2015
Below is the link to the latest Paw Print Newsletter

Tons of great news and accomplishments to read about

Thanks Carrie Great Job !!

NEWFFLA Newsletter - March 2015
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2015 Board Members
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Spring Draft Test Qualifiers
Newf-FLA congratulates the new titlists from Florida’s Spring 2015 NCA Draft Test and NCA Advanced Draft Test weekend on March 21-22, 2015 in Alachua, Florida!!

The Advanced Draft Test qualifiers are the first Draft Dog Excellent (DDX) title winners in the nation!! We are very proud of you!! Thanks to all who participated and assisted to make this a very fun and successful draft test weekend! A special thanks to Paul & Linda Lawson and their family for hosting us at your home!!

Newf-FLA Advanced Draft Dog Qualifiers:

Sunvalleys Changing Tides, CD, DD1, RE, CGC (Rush), handled by Heidi Peterson (Saturday).
VN GCH Tempest's Firebird of Kilyka, CD, RE, DD2, WRD6, CGC (Phoenix), handled by Donna Smith (Sunday).
Rockbottom's Paint Spattered All About, CGC, DD1, TDD3, RE (Willow) handled by Taylor Vinge (Sunday).

Newf-FLA Draft Dog Qualifiers:
Frankie Beville (Frankie), handled by Mary Beville (Saturday; requalified Sunday).
Rockbottom's Final Rose, RA (Rosie), handled by Jennifer Vinge (Saturday; requalified Sunday).
Freedom's Victory at Trenton 1776, CDX, DD2 (Trenty), handled by Tamzin Rozenwasser (requalified Saturday and Sunday).

Advanced Draft Test Qualifiers (DDX):

(L to R: Heidi with Rush, Judge Sue Raney, Donna with Phoenix, Judge George Norman, Taylor with Willow)

Draft Test Qualifiers (DD):

(L to R: Judge Sue Raney, Mary with Frankie, Jennifer with Rosie, Tamzin with Trenty, Judge George Norman)

(Photos by William McCombie)
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Water Training
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