Nominating Committee Request
To: All NCA Regional Newfoundland Clubs


I have been asked to chair the NCA Board Nominating Committee for candidates for election to the board with terms beginning in 2008.

You are being contacted as official members of your regional club. The nominating committee seeks and needs your help in getting qualified individuals to submit there names for consideration. We have three requests:

Please encourage any qualified individuals who you think would be good NCA board members to submit their names if they have the time and interest. The contact information is noted below.

We would appreciate it greatly if you would please arrange for someone to announce that we are actively seeking candidates at all of your club functions between now and the submission deadline of June 1, 2007.

Please ask your club's newsletter editor to include the announcement below in your club's next newsletter.

You assistance in helping to bring this to the attention of as many individuals as possible is most appreciated and will help to ensure the vitality of the NCA.

I wish to personally thank you in advance and extend the thanks of the whole nominating committee and the NCA for your time, effort and help.


Andre Lapeyre
Chair - NCA Nominating Committe (2007-2008)

cc: Kathy McIver
NCA Regional Club Liason

Nominating Committee seeks candidates

Your NCA Nominating Committee is seeking qualified people to submit their names for consideration as nominees for the NCA Board of Directors for terms beginning in 2008. The vitality of the NCA in future decades depends on your participation. If you feel you have the qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm to serve on the Board, submit your name for consideration and prepare a written resume addressing the following points:
• Year of experience as a Newfoundland owner, breeder, and/or exhibitor.
• Contributions to the sport of dogs.
• Contributions to the Newfoundland breed and to the national or regional clubs by virtue of talent, education, training, and/or professional endeavor.
• Written assurance of willingness to run for office, attend meetings, contribute to mail meeting, serve on committees, and be a consistently active board member, if chosen.
Regional clubs will be contacted and asked for possible nominees from their memberships.
Candidates’ letters of intent and resumes must be received in full by June 1, 2007. No extensions will be granted.
For information or submission, please contact
NCA Nominating Committee
Andre Lapeyre, Chairperson
3231 County View Court S.W.
Rochester, MN 55902-6657
507-288-0642 •
Committee members:
Dwight Gorsuch
Lori Littleford
Roger Powell
Becky Stanevich
Jocelyn Hawley (alternate)
Barbara Hearn (alternate)

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