We couldn't part with Winnie so she is staying with her foster family.

Winnie is a really sweet girl, about 9 months old. She is not spayed yet, but will most likely need to be soon. She is loving, friendly and playful, and gets on well with our four other dogs, and our children. She now knows how to sit, wait, and stay, and is making great progress with housetraining. We have crate- trained her, but she is pretty good about “asking” to go out, so she now sleeps where she wants at night.

Winnie has a genetic hip problem which means that her back leg is not very strong, and will probably create some difficulties in the future. We are waiting to get an evaluation from the University of Florida veterinary school to assess the severity of the problem. Currently though, she is an active bouncy puppy. She uses her back leg more for balance, and is becoming more aware of her limitations.

If you would like to know more about Winnie, please email Linda Lawson.

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