How to join NEWFFLA
So you are interested in joining NEWFFLA, The Newfoundland Club of Florida, Inc.? The process is quite easy. First, please download the application form from the download section of the website.

Next, find two (2) club members in good standing to sign as your sponsors. You can meet club members in a variety of ways. You can come to a club function, go to a dog show, post on our forums to meet members who live in your area, etc.

Once your form is signed, send it to Linda Seales, 10110 Ramblin Hinson Rd, Lithia, FL 33547 along with your application payment. Once your application is received, your name will be posted in the next newsletter. If there are no objections from the current members within 30 days, you will automatically become a member.

This process can take anywhere from one and a half months to 4 or more, depending on when your application is received and you are posted in a newsletter which come out 4 times a year. As soon as the 30 day waiting period is up, your membership welcome packet will be sent out. The only delay in receiving your packet will be if your acceptance coincides with the general membership renewal. If this happens, your packet will be sent out when the general membership directory and census are mailed to make sure you are receiving the most current club information.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Jenny Shimka

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