UPDATE 1-28-2009
A letter from Ellie's new family,

Ellie is adjusting remarkable well. She has eaten every meal completely. She also loves the doggie door, (In and out, in and out, and in and out.) She and Jack and Georgia are questioning each other as to who is Alpha. I am sure that will go on for a few more days. The cats do not understand this game that Ellie likes to play of barking and chasing, but they and Ellie will adapt to that in a few days too. She had some separation anxiety when I started to leave yesterday, so we are alternating staying home and leaving for brief periods. This too will pass.

She is leery of the pool, and I do not think that will happen again. She did discover the fountain and likes to stand in it while she drinks from it. That will probably not pass, and we will just have to deal with large muddy feet.

Overall, she is doing great. She is quite comfortable and is very playful and loving. We really love having her and she is a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you for all you do,


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UPDATE 1-26-2009
Ellie has gone to her adoptive home today. She will be living in Fernandina Beach with the Beal family and their 2 Newfies. She is likely to be 10 year old David’s dog, and he did impressive job of handling her when they met today. Ellie’s put on more weight in the last two weeks and is ready to settle into a home for life. The Beal’s drove halfway across the state for Ellie after falling in love with her online. We look forward to seeing the Beal’s family at the Xmas parade and welcome them as new Newf Club members. Thanks to Janice who did the home visit, Lisa and Richard who so lovingly fostered Ellie, the Sarasota Humane Society who spayed Ellie at no charge, and Dr. Ivey at the Braden River Animal Clinic who provided the vet check that Ellie needed. It’s truly a team effort to get our rescue Newfies placed into loving homes, and we appreciate all the help you give.

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UPDATE 1-12-2009
After x-rays of her knees and hips, the vet confirmed that Ellie is very cow hocked because of a defect that she was born with. Her hips are poor with shallow sockets, but no sign at all of arthritis. It really doesn't hold this girl back. I've just watched her spend a couple of hours playing at the dog park. She's played with a lot of dogs at the park.

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Ellie is gaining weight fast and once she is the correct weight she will be a real beauty. Ellie is two years old and a little goofy as you'd expect for her age. She is a 'dunker' - she prefers to drink her water by sticking her entire head in the bucket, so we recommend a shallow water bowl, or a high tolerance for a wet house - and she does need more leash training, but she is a real sweetheart and eager to please. She's lived with children, birds, other dogs and cats. We can't see into her future, but with careful management of her weight and plenty of exercise Ellie has a good chance of being able to run for many more years. Ellie will make someone a wonderful companion.

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Ellie is a 2 year old Landseer. She is underweight and has leg issues so she will be staying in foster care while the vet advises us on a care program for her.

Ellie was much loved by her previous owners and was only given up when they lost their home. The Humane Society assessed her temperament as very good. She does need some basic leash training but seems eager to please. Keep looking for updated pictures and other progress on Ellie.

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