UPDATE 4-29-2009
Lady has now been adopted and is living in Cape Coral with her family. She has two teenagers that take her for walks, she visits the local dog park and is much loved by everyone. Lady has weathered one thunderstorm okay (we worried that she’d be afraid of thunder and Cape Coral gets a LOT of thunderstorms), and fits well into her new home. Her new owners promise to bring her to St. Augustine this year so we can all admire her.

UPDATE 4-27-2009
Lady has been adopted and is already settling in with her new family. More details to follow.

UPDATE 3-19-2009
Lady is available for rescue. She has undergone heartworm treatment and now only requires Heartgard monthly and a heartworm check in 6 months. She’s gained a good amount of weight and is now very healthy. She appears to have no other health issues beyond the heartworm (and she has no symptoms from that at all). Lady has been tested around lots of other dogs, big and small, at our local dog park and is consistently friendly. She’s great with children, but she is a very big dog so would do best with older children. She is interested in cats but has no prey drive, she just wants them to play. Lady is still a very young dog, full of joy and sure to make you smile. She has never had an accident in the house (and I am out at work all day), doesn’t bark, whine or have any other bad habits in the house. She will do best with vigorous exercise every day and then she settles right down and becomes a couch potato for the rest of the time. Lady is very fast and good on her feet so if anyone is considering training for agility or draft, she might be a good choice. She is easy to train and has learned to walk nicely on a leash and is pretty good on her basic obedience commands. As you can tell I’ve fallen in love with her. There’s really nothing to dislike about Lady, she’s a nice, healthy girl who just needs a home where she will be loved. Click on link for new photo.

Lady is a young, neutered Newfie that came from the Osceola Animal Services with her another Newfie, Malibu. The shelter thought she was about 2, but she looks younger than that. Lady is tall and underweight (she needs to gain about 30 pounds) but she loves her food so gaining weight shouldn't be a problem. The vet thinks she will be about 140 pounds when she is the correct weight. Lady is very friendly with other dogs and various animals, loves to ride in the car and is just a sweet girl. She does need more work on her leash manners. She has heartworm (a low burden of worms) and will be available for adoption after her treatment begins. We would expect the adoptive family to continue her heartworm treatment. It's not complicated, but she will need to be kept quiet for awhile.

Lady deserves her own family. She's fine with kids and could be happy almost anywhere. If you are interested in adopting a nice Newfie, please consider Lady.

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