UPDATE - 3-19-2009

Malibu has now gone to her forever home. She has been busy playing with Christian, Marguerite and Kieran. When she first got home all the neighborhood children came over to pet her, she got to go to the baseball park, where she was a big hit. They have been taking her around to meet the other neighborhood dogs. Her family is very happy with her and with her great personality she should continue to bring them a lot of happy times.

Malibu was found at the animal shelter along with Lady. They have spent 5 months living together, and they definitely like having another dog around the house, but they would probably be best adopted separately as they are both very energetic. Malibu is at most 2 years old (possibly younger) and she needs to gain 30 pounds. Malibu had cherry eye, which has been fixed and the vet anticipates no problems from that. She also has heartworm (a low burden of worms) which will be treated. The new owners would have to finish the treatment, keep her quiet for awhile and love her. Malibu has a nice personality, we have taken her to our local dog park and she is playful and friendly to everyone and every dog she meets. She loves to ride in the car and has nice car manners, but pulls on the leash. She needs some basic training in order to be a better dog. Malibu loves the Newfie in her foster family - they are already sleeping snuggled up to each other. She is well housebroken and will let you know when she needs to go outside. When Malibu gains the weight back and gets her full coat in she will be a big, beautiful Newfie.

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