UPDATE - 5/30/2009 - Samson has been adopted and will be going to his forever home tomorrow. Will update with pictures as they become available.

This is Samson.

Click for more pictures.

Samson is a tall Landseer, trained to sit, down and stay and good on a leash. He was 2 years old in January, is up to date on his shots and is neutered. Samson needs a dog companion in order to be happy, and another Newfie would be wonderful. He plays well with other dogs and is pretty easy to live with as long as you realize that he will find water wherever it is. He likes to sleep in the bathtub and would love to join me in the shower if only there was room. He’s a good eater, and is very healthy. He does have a corn allergy and will chew his paws if he is fed anything with corn in it. He’s a real sweetheart and perfect for someone who wants a nice Newfie companion.

Samson is available now and must go to the best possible home. His former owner would love it if the new owners would stay in touch occasionally to tell her about Samson’s new life. He has had a very good life so far and it is important that his new owners love him as much as his previous owner did.

If Samson might fit into your family, please contact us.

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