UPDATE 08-19-2009
Gandalf is a foster failure! Lisa Rouwenhorst and Richard Carter have helped us by fostering and transporting many rescues this year, but they fell in love with Gandalf and couldn’t let him go. Gandalf now lives with another Newfie, Sirius, and a shepherd/Rottweiler mix, Otto. He is turning a lovely grey now that he is being fed a good diet and brushed and bathed regularly. He is a real goofball, but as those of you who met Gandalf at the Fun Day can attest, he is a very good boy. He has to be – Richard is a professional pet sitter in his home! And in only two months Gandalf has gone from a dog that was scared of almost everything to a Newfie that tried on a carting harness at the Fun Day without a fuss. Gandalf was one of the breeder dogs that were surrendered from West Palm Beach and he has improved remarkably with a lot of love and consistent care and training. Please come and meet Gandalf at the Xmas parade – to my knowledge he is the only grey Newfie we have in our club.

UPDATE 06-14-2009
Gandalf has been adopted by his foster family. More details to follow.

Julian was picked up as part of the West Palm Beach four and is now named Gandalf the Gray (from Lord of the Rings). He is a gray Newfie, about the same size as Logan with gray feathers and gray on his nose and face and some gray hairs throughout his body. He was born on 10/12/07. Gandalf has fewer fear responses than Logan and is comfortable with most new experiences, except for riding in the car. He needs to continue to be introduced to lots of experiences. He won't be available for adoption until he is socialized to living in a house, riding in a car, visiting stores, etc. He is great with other dogs, loves baths and being dried and groomed and swimming. He is affectionate and very sweet. Gandalf is living with birds and other dogs and doing fine. He will be neutered before he is available for adoption.

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Gandalf is one of four Newfs from the east coast of Florida taken into rescue this past weekend. These are basically good tempered, healthy dogs that were very badly neglected; none of these dogs know their name. They smelled horribly so the first order of business was to get them bathed, and the worst mats cut out. They were all owned by one person who bred one litter of Newfs and then quit. Their breeder became ill and kept the dogs ungroomed, untrained and neglected in her garage or left outside in a crate. Thankfully she did give them up to us instead of selling them on, but all of them need to learn basic manners and how to live in a house. We will be keeping them in foster care until they are comfortable with more situations, and then hope to place at least a couple of them with experienced dog owners, and preferably Newfie owners so they continue to be part of the family. These are dogs that really deserve a new life. They’ve been in a stressful living environment and have been transported to foster care and all of them have been remarkably sweet natured about it. All of these dogs are starved for affection and consistent care and training so being willing to provide that will be a major factor in choosing adoptive homes.

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