The fourth dog is Dannica. She was the 'pick of the litter' from a Dahlia/Gandalf breeding and was born on 11/24/09. She is a barker right now and is being trained to have better manners. She will not be spayed until she is at least a year old and will only be adopted to someone that guarantees to do that. She needs all of her basic puppy socialization and training but the basics are there already.

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Dannica is one of four Newfs from the east coast of Florida taken into rescue this past weekend. These are basically good tempered, healthy dogs that were very badly neglected; none of these dogs know their name. They smelled horribly so the first order of business was to get them bathed, and the worst mats cut out. They were all owned by one person who bred one litter of Newfs and then quit. Their breeder became ill and kept the dogs ungroomed, untrained and neglected in her garage or left outside in a crate. Thankfully she did give them up to us instead of selling them on, but all of them need to learn basic manners and how to live in a house. We will be keeping them in foster care until they are comfortable with more situations, and then hope to place at least a couple of them with experienced dog owners, and preferably Newfie owners so they continue to be part of the family. These are dogs that really deserve a new life. They’ve been in a stressful living environment and have been transported to foster care and all of them have been remarkably sweet natured about it. All of these dogs are starved for affection and consistent care and training so being willing to provide that will be a major factor in choosing adoptive homes.

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