Lucy came to us on 7/20 from a kill shelter. They found her wondering the streets. Our guess is she was scared July 4th and ran off. Jan Luck came to her rescue, thank goodness. Her owners never came looking for her. That’s where we stepped in. Jan went over to the shelter everyday sometimes twice a day to make sure she didn’t feel like she was getting lonely, or was going to be another throw away dog. She was heartworm negative and about a year old. She has been spayed. She has a cute under bite that makes her look like she is smiling all the time.

She is being fostered at Kim Chonko and will be able to be viewed at the FunDay. This poor girl needs some training and needs some weight put on her. She is only 70 pounds right now. Kim’s family is working with her everyday and she is a quick study. She bonds very quickly and needs a new start in life. We are learning more about her each day.

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