UPDATE - 11/19/2009

Max was adopted to a wonderful family this past week, they have changed his name to Koda. They attended the draft weekend and we hope to see them at the Christmas parade. This is a perfect family for Max now known as Koda he needs a lot of discipline and walks being he is very young.

Max was turned over to the Peggy Animal rescue league in West Palm Beach. Max is 2 1/2 years old and 160 pounds. He is being fostered by Jane Byers who has Cabot another large active newf, the two of them love to play inside a cozy condo.

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Max is a beautiful dog he is up to date on all his shots, heartworm negative. He is potty trained. At night, Max bounces between an open door crate and the bed for his sleeping regime. If you put him in the crate at night, he doesn’t whine. He has a sweet disposition but is very active Newfoundland. He had some mats behind his ears and legs but those were cut off and his is looking very handsome now. Max likes to jump up on people, which is something we are currently training him out of. He will definitely need a family who will take him to basic obedience and walks. He is a very strong dog and currently is being walked on a leader collar or training prongs. He loves car rides but be prepared for a towel because this Newf drools; he loves sticking his head out the window and letting those jowl’s fly! Something we don’t recommend because you never know what can fly into their eyes. He is being fostered with another Newf and a cat. He does well with the Newf and around other dogs at the dog park. He is curious but not aggressive towards cats. He is very friendly around people and children but due to his size and lack of obedience, he must be closely watched around small children as not to knock them down. Max is an ideal candidate for an active family who has older kids and has time for training. Once Max is trained, he is going to be an excellent family member. Max only has one fear that we know of and that is firecrackers. This boy will need to go to someone special. Please contact me if you think you are it.

Kristi Calleja
Rescue Chair

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