If you are looking for a Newfie with excellent manners and a great temperament, please consider Bear. Bear is a neutered 6-year old male who was given back to us because his owner lost his job and has eight children to feed. His owner really wants the best for Bear he was raised around children and loves them, when the eight kids would fight and yell at each other Bear would stand in the middle of everything and bark. We promised to find him a very good home. He has lived with other dogs and is very well socialized and comfortable in different situations. Bear is currently in a kennel in Jacksonville. Bear is UTD with all his shots, heartworm negative and has been vet checked. He does have seasonal allergies which had caused some hair loss under his neck and on his ears, the hair is growing back and the allergic symptoms diminished very quickly. At present all he needs is regular ear cleaning and regular baths with a medicated shampoo as he is prone to yeast infections. His allergies don't make him itchy - he just gets runny eyes and gunky ears. Bear had a small lump on his tail that the vet advised to have removed by amputation, it was benign but Bear now has a much shorter cute tail.

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Bear is a fun dog to live with and we consider him to be in his prime. He is well trained: he knows down, stay, sit, leave it (and he will leave his food alone until you release him), is completely housebroken and is good in a crate. He also has a magnificent recall - he comes consistently when called and races across our 6 acre dog park when called. Bear loves the water and is a strong swimmer; he went swimming today and he spent a lot of time retrieving a plastic water bottle. He is easy to bathe, dry and groom. He also loves his squeaky toys and will fetch them for you to throw. He also likes the occasional game of tug-o-war He will need regular exercise as he is still energetic, and would love to be taken out often as he adores people, dogs and car rides. Bear would be a good therapy dog, and he could trained for water rescue - hes a very consistent retriever. He is a nice Newfie who has been well raised and cared for and who now needs someone to continue to take care of him and to enjoy having him share their life. Hes a great dog, and whoever adopts Bear is getting a wonderful Newfie with all the bells and whistles.

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