Tinkerbelle (Belle) is a brown Newfie, spayed, that turned 2 in early December. She is a really nice dog. Janine Packard is fostering her and takes her to the dog park every day; she has not had a problem with any other animal or person. Belle is a little over weight right now, about 10 pounds overweight (at 108 pounds), but she is absolutely beautiful with a long, silky coat. She is very energetic and will need vigorous daily exercise in order to retain her good manners. She is very good on the leash, no pulling, no jumping, and she sits on command. She also rides well in the car, and loves to go on outings. She is left loose in the house with no problems, but she did break out of a crate twice when Janine tried to crate her. Luckily she has perfect house manners, is extremely calm (as long as she gets daily exercise) and is housebroken. I think she’s a water dog; I took her to the farmer’s market on Saturday and the only issue I had was that she really wanted to climb in the fountain! Belle would make a good family dog as she’s very gentle, and she would be a great dog for therapy or drafting. I’m really enjoying fostering Belle; I let her sit on the couch beside me and we read together. If you want a nice, young, well behaved girl, Belle may be the right dog for you. She is being fostered in Sarasota.

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