Duncan is a wonderful dog that needs a very special owner. He is a really pretty brown Newfie with a sweet face. Duncan is about 8 years old and is well socialized with dogs and people - he is fostered with two other Newfies and fits right in. He is very easy to live with and is housebroken but needs more leash training as he pulls on the leash. He would make a wonderful therapy dog, or a 'take to work' dog, but he's fine being left alone at home - you don't have to worry about him chewing or being distressed. He's just a very even tempered Newfie.

Duncan has leg issues on his back legs. He walks very low, more on the back of his ankles than his paws. This seems to be something he was born with, and this doesn't affect his ability to walk. Duncan loves to go to the dog park and socialize with the other dogs. He is stiff when he first gets up, but he hasn't had a good program of exercise to strengthen his muscles; its possible that consistent exercise will improve his overall abilities. Duncan would be best in a home that really wants a nice dog that will welcome everyone that comes in the door, and who appreciate him for the lovely Newfie he is. He's be great with kids as long as they don't want him to be too active - he's a cuddly dog rather than a 'fetch' kind of boy. He'd like to be able to swim, and that would be great for developing his hip and leg muscles. Other than his legs, he is in generally good health.

We think Duncan is wonderful. He's got a great Newfie temperament, and he's so sweet that you'll just want to spoil him. We are looking for that special someone that recognizes him as the great dog he is, regardless of his legs not being perfect. He'll be a very rewarding dog to own.

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