Ivy is 4 years old, spayed and a very nice dog. She is a quick learner and knows quite a few commands already, but is definitely a candidate for obedience, draft or water work. She is very willing and has a wonderful temperament. She is good with kids and all other dogs, but I would not recommend that she live with cats unless you are willing to work with her. She doesn't want to hurt them but she does want to chase them.

Ivy has EPI which is a pancreatic deficiency. She only gets nutrition from her food if pancreas is added to it through dried enzymes. This will cost about $50.00 a month and has to be added to every meal for the rest of her life. She weighs 110 pounds and is a small, light boned girl, probably because the EPI has only been treated since she came into rescue. She's gained 14 pounds in the 3 months she's been in foster care and is now a good weight.

Ivy goes to the dog park every day and is well socialized. She loves to swim, is playful and loves her squeaky toys and my other Newfies. She lived in one home her entire life and was well raised and well trained by them. She would be a wonderful family dog. She is completely housetrained, doesn't have any bad habits and is easy to have around. She loves people and to go for rides in the car.

I've been fostering Ivy for about 3 months and she's ready to go to a permanent home. If you are interested in adopting Ivy, please fill out an application and say that you are interested in Ivy. You must be able to afford her enzymes (which can be purchased in a generic form and do not require a prescription). Other than that you should want a lively young dog that is a pleasure to have around.

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