Stanley - Story of a Rescue
In late July, Newf-Fla Rescue was alerted to a Newf who the owners could no longer keep. Stanley was in such weak, sickly condition that there was doubt that he would live. He was taken to the emergency vet overnight and given IV because he was so dehydrated. The next day he was taken to another vet, perscribed medicine to combat a raging yeast infection throughout his body. Starvation had left him weak and anemic.
Stanley only weighed 105 lbs. He was skeletal in appearance and was nearly bald. He most closely resembled a prehistoric wart hog. Now that he was stablised, it was time for him to go into foster care for rehabilitation. In the first picture Stanley has just arrived at the "Newf Resort" where I promised him that we would make him "good as new".

At first, Stanley could only eat tiny meals, every 2 hours, just like a baby. He was fed special food. Large breed puppy kibble, mixed with organ meats, hard boiled eggs, yoghurt, hamburger, chicken, green beans, potatoes, brown rice. As the days and weeks passed, he became stronger, and the most wonderful personality emerged. When Stanley's self esteem returned, he was everything a Newf should be; gentle, kind, playful, a great listener and companion. He had many health issues to overcome, and as you can see in the picture where Stanley is up on the hydraulic lift grooming table, a beautiful, glossy coat started to grow!

He had been in foster care about 3 weeks when this was taken. With a good diet, proper medication, gradually increased exercise and lots of 'pep talks' Stanley's condition improved dramatically.

He had to undergo surgery to remove a growth, which turned out to be a cyst around his hair, and is scheduled for a ligament repair surgery Nov 13th, with his new parents, so that he will walk and run normally.
Stanley now has a wonderful forever home in Palm Beach County with Lou and Jennie Hamby. In the final picture, taken September 22, he is leaving for his well deserved new home with his loving parents to begin his new life.

More pictures from his new home.

(article submitted by Mickey Sterling)

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